Professional & Proactive

"Karen helped us sell our first home and buy our second home. Karen was such a joy to work with and she made the process easy. Karen then helped us sell our second home and buy our third. Eight years later, she helped us sell our third and buy our fourth. Most recently, Karen has helped us rent out our fourth house since we had a sudden move to Dallas. Thankfully, Karen found us GREAT renters and she is there to collect the rent for us each month and take care of anything that happens. | would never even consider using ANYONE but Karen because she knows her stuff! Besides the fact that she is extremely knowledgeable, Karen is also professional, very proactive, flexible, understanding, honest, caring, patient, (although tough when she needs to be), and she has always set clear expectations with us. Karen always tells it like it is rather than promising something she can't deliver. After having such a bad experience with that first agent over 20 yrs ago we learned how important it is to have someone like Karen on our side. We know she has OUR best interests at heart rather than her own and we know we can absolutely trust her to do a great job for us every time! When we are ready to sell our "rental" and buy the home we want to retire in Karen will be our first and only call! Needless to say, we would HIGHLY recommend Karen to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a home - you won't find anyone more dedicated than Karen Klein!"

Bob and Laure Z.

An Eye for Detail

"| would recommend Karen for any Real Estate needs in Texas. She is highly professional. Many years in the business has taught her from experience how to protect her clients. She has a strong eye for details, she is very complete in paperwork and visual inspections of properties. She is well known by professionals that she works with, they give her the optimum respect and praise. She completed her job with compassion, understanding, and sincerity.Anyone doing business with her as an agent, to help you buy, sell, or rent out your home, will find her competent, caring, and communicative."

Janet F.

An Expert

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Karen Klein for the last 15 years. During that time, she has managed two of our rental homes and we have purchased two homes through her. Without hesitation, we have recommended her to business associates, family, and friends that need to buy, sell, or looking to rent in the San Antonio area. All of them have been very grateful that we recommended her as a realtor. She has invaluable knowledge to the real estate market in San Antonio and her expertise in real estate will help you make a well-informed sound decision. She has maintained every aspect of our rental properties in an organized and proficient manner. Karen has countless resources that provide quality maintenance to keep your investment well maintained and cared for. Her professional attributes alone would convince you that she is the right realtor to use, what more, she is very personable, and it is always enjoyable talking to her. More than likely, you will end up being a long time friend and client."

Colleen G.

Friendly & Personable

"Karen is an exceptional property manager and real estate agent. Her attention to detail is unrivaled and she puts the customer first. Additionally, Karen is extremely friendly and personable. She is a joy to work with whether you are calling her about a problem or if she's just checking in with you to see how things are going. | would recommend Karen to anyone seeking to rent or purchase a home in the greater San Antonio, TX area."

John O.

Wholeheartedly Recommend

"| have worked with Karen in the past on rental properties and her management expertise is exceptional. She takes the burden off of her clients and handles unforeseen problems in a quick efficient manner. Karen Klein is an outstanding, thoughtful, and conscientious property manager. She has been the manager for my condominium in San Antonio for nearly 5 years and | wouldn't trade her for anyone else. | recommend her services wholeheartedly."

Greg E.

Worked with since 1987

"If you are looking for a real estate agent, hire Karen!! Karen is an awesome property manager and real estate agent. We have worked with her since 1987. We bought our first house in 1992 from her and knew we would use her again when the opportunity arose. Karen helped us sell our old home in 2009 and helped us get our new dream home. Her expertise and can-do attitude are exemplary. We closed on our old house and moved into our new house in 1 month. Karen lined up everything for us and the buy/sell of homes went quite smoothly. | recommend her highly for anyone looking for a home or selling their current home. Karen is results oriented and you will be quite impressed with her knowledge and personality."

Robert B.